Have you ever had an argument with a spouse, partner or loved one that just drags on and on and doesn't seem to go away? Hypnosis is perfect for this! In just one appointment, people can understand themselves from a different perspective and move past the feeling of being "stuck" in the argument.

I have seen many clients after a break-up or after a partner moved out of the house. These situations are similar to grief. There is a natural process to letting go, but when the sadness remains for what becomes an uncomfortable period of time, it's time to see a hypnotherapist.

While every client has her own situation and we can never predict the outcome, I would say that I have had a success rate approaching 100% for the sadness, anger or guilt after an argument or break-up.

I would encourage people not to suffer needlessly and to make an appointment for hypnotherapy. It will be the best money you've ever spent.