It's my guess that about 99% of people forget to breathe. Our breath is a completely free resource that is amazingly underutilized. Taking deep breaths on a regular basis, stopping for even 2 minutes at a time to focus on our breathing or taking a super big breath and blowing it out can help our stress, our health and our reactivity immensely!

People who come tho the relaxation and meditation sessions say that it's nice to remember to breathe. We can change our own lives for the better just by breathing. I attended a workshop led by Sonia Choquette a year or so ago and she spent the 2 or 3 days encouraging the audience to take big breaths and release the breath with a loud sigh. She'd look around and say that no one was breathing and tell the audience to remember to breathe.

Sonia is coming to A.R.E. in a few months and she is the #1 presenter that I have ever seen (and I've attended a lot of seminars, workshops and classes). She is so positive and wonderful. Her entire workshop is about the participants and she never talks about herself other than telling life stories about her kids, family etc. No one would ever know she is so well known and has written so many books etc.

I encourage you to read her books, but for a fantastic experience, attend her workshop.