I was thinking about the different hypnosis services that are offered. We offer client-centered hypnosis. What that means is that every client's session is tailored to him or her. Not only is the plan made specifically for that client, but the session will never be a cookie cutter session. The methods used will depend on what arises during the session.

While we see a lot of clients for anxiety, no 2 appointments will be the same or even similar. We use a variety of techniques during every appointment. Some clients have requested not to work on their specific needs, but for us to give them positive suggestions to help them overcome their concerns. Of course we can do that and many hypnotists do exactly that - every client seen for anxiety for example, receives the same set of suggestions regardless of their personal history or needs, but that does not address the root cause of the concern and does not address the personal needs of the client.

It is important to me to provide client-centered hypnosis and to offer a variety of methods and techniques.