Someone asked me recently how she could change the eating habits that she has been learning for so many years. I explained that we did not "learn" the habits in many years. We learned them in 1 minute - perhaps when a family member said, "Aren't you a good little eater!" "All the women in our family are big." "We're happy when we're eating." etc.

Think about a fear of bees. You only had to be stung once to develop the fear of bees. It happened in a matter of seconds. Fears and phobias respond incredibly fast to hypnosis!

Our subconscious minds remember everything that we have ever heard. The messages stay with us even though we are not aware of them. Now, as adults, we can choose to hear new messages that serve us better. In a hypnosis session, we work together to create new, positive messages at a subconscious level. We can learn new habits as quickly as we learned the old ones.