We just returned from Daytona Beach where I was certified by Roy Hunter to train Parts Therapy. This is an incredible honor! In 2007, when I attended Roy's class to become a Parts Therapy Facilitator, I asked if he trained trainers and he said that he was the only one. He has written books and travels around the world to teach Parts Therapy, so it was his baby and at that time, he wanted to keep it that way :)

In 2009, I took his course again and he announced that he was having his 1st train the trainer in May 2010 at the IMDHA convention. I told him I would be there and waited anxiously for May to come. Well...May came and there were 4 people in our class. I was from Virginia, one lady was from Connecticut and the others were from Texas and Illinois. It was really nice that the 4 of us are around the US and won't overlap at this point.

The experience was incredible and we thanked Roy again and again for sharing his work and his legacy with us to carry on. This is a week that will go down in history for me!