Hypnosis is an amazingly fast and easy way to make changes that help you reach your highest potential naturally and easily.

Hypnosis can be used to change or overcome habits, fears, phobias, grief, anxiety and nearly any concern that you can name.

Although hypnosis has an air of mystery around it, we are actually in hypnotic states many times every day. We enter hypnotic states when we drive, watch TV or sit in meetings. A hypnosis session is not too different from the state you enter naturally many times every day. The hypnotherapist will help you to go a bit deeper but you will not "go" anywhere. During your session, you will speak and interact with the hypnotherapist. You will be aware of everything that is going on; however, the hypnotic state helps you to bypass the analytical or conscious mind so that you can work with your subconscious mind.

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Suzan is a transpersonal Master Hypnotherapist and was trained by Allan Chips, DCH, PhD, Dr George Bien - Master Trainer, Roy Hunter - World Authority on Parts Therapy and Andy Austin - Metaphors of Movement. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy integrates the body, mind and spirit.

Some common uses of hypnosis:

Hypnosis can be used for an endless number of concerns and is by no means limited to those below.

  • Grief, guilt or anger
  • Pain of a break up
  • Anxiety
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Stress Reduction
  • Phobias
  • Allergies
  • Procrastination
    • Parts Therapy
    • Regression
    • Life Between Lives

Most concerns require a minimum of three hypnotherapy sessions.

Please note that you should always see a medical professional for any new or changing mental or physical concerns and you should ask your medical professional whether hypnosis is right for you if you are currently under medical care. Suzan is not a counselor or mental health practitioner; her training and certifications are in hypnotherapy.