Think Positive can serve you at your place of business, home or other location for group hypnosis sessions or information sessions.

Contact us for information about scheduling group sessions:
  • Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

If you are interested in group mediation please contact us. These sessions are on-going on Tuesday nights.
  • Getting Unstuck for Weight Reduction

4 weekly sessions that include: re-discovering your "True Self", understanding the energy of your thoughts and words and recognizing self-defeating thinking, learning to let go of past events that no longer serve you and finding personal freedom. Every week will have a topic listed above, exercises related to the topic, discussion and a guided meditation for weight reduction. A weight reduction CD is required and it is recommended that you listen to the CD daily. Call if you are interested - we keep a waitlist until we offer a class..


  • Find the Light at the end of the Tunnel - Take Charge of Your Life by Taking Charge of Your Thoughts

Weekly sessions for 4 weeks. Sessions are based on the Law of Attraction and revolve around understanding the power of our own words and thoughts and how to recognize and change self-defeating patterns. Topics include: the energy of our words and thoughts, the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude, finding our true selves, forgiveness and attracting the realtionships, jobs, money and health that we desire.


  • Get Into the Flow - Attracting Abundance If you feel like you're paddling your boat upstream, this session will help you to paddle with the current. It's based on the Law of Attraction and will give you tools to attract the relationships, health, work and finances that you desire.


  • Relaxation and stress reduction sessions for businesses, colleges, parties or other events


  • Hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation or regression


  • Reiki I, II or III - If you are interested in Reiki I, please contact us as we are forming a waitlist for the next class.