Parts Therapy

Suzan is a certified Parts Therapy Trainer. She is the only trainer in the Hampton Roads area certified by Roy Hunter who is an author and the world authority on Parts Therapy.

Parts Therapy is a wonderful method of hypnotherapy. It often works when other methods have not. We all have inner conflicts where one part of us tells us to do one thing such as eat a few more chips and the other part says that we shouldn't or one part of us wants to keep smoking while another part of us wants us to stop immediately.

Parts therapy is not only extremely effective, but extremely enlightening! Most of us have no idea why we continue to do what we do, but through Parts Therapy, we can understand ourselves and our subconscious motivations much better.  The session resembles a play or puppet show where the different parts of the client explain their jobs in helping the client to continue with a habit or to stop the habit. The hypnotherapist speaks directly to the conflicting parts of the client to learn why they support the client in the way that they do and then asks what the parts would desire from each other to make positive changes. The hypnotherapist facilitates a negotiation and agreement between the two conflicting parts and helps the client to resolve the inner conflict and integrate the two conflicting parts.

Suzan was trained and certified by Roy Hunter who isconsidered the world authority of Parts Therapy in its original form. Roy Hunter is the protege of Charles Tebbetts who was the founding father of Parts Therapy.

When comparing services, look for a hypnotherapist who was trained by Roy Hunter or Charles Tebbetts as they are the primary trainers of Parts Therapy who train the original material as it was intended to by utilized.