We are so used to instant gratification. When clients come for hypnosis, they often expect the hypnotist to snap her fingers and all the concerns will vanish immediately. Unfortunately, hypnosis doesn't work that way at all. First, the client must be ready for change. If a smoker is not ready to quit, he will not quit. Sometimes people come because their wives or doctors suggested that they "try" hypnosis. The client must want the change to happen. The client must be committed. Some clients want the hypnotist to convince them that the change is necessary, but in fact, the client must be able to convince the hypnotist that he wants the change and is ready for the change.

Next, for lasting change, we often go to the root cause of the present concern. Going to the root cause could take a client to a time that he is not consciously aware of or a difficult time that he would prefer not to face. Working through these past events is where the majority of the healing takes place. It may not be one event, but several. Some clients are reluctant to go to their past. They say that part of their life is over; however, if the client goes to that time in hypnosis, his subconscious mind is shining the light on that time for a reason. The client may say he's left it behind, but it is still holding the client back and preventing him from achieving his goals unless it is addressed.

The more open the client is to working through the information that arises during a session, the higher the chances of lasting results. There is no magic wand that cures all.