Reiki III is a class for anyone who has completed level I and II of Reiki and is able to use Reiki comfortably with an understanding of energy, how it works and how to use it effectively. This is an abbreviated version of the Master level class. Participants will receive level III certification, learn the Master symbol and be attuned to level III but will not be certified to attune others or instruct Reiki classes until they complete the instructors portion of this class. Anyone who attends this class is welcome to attend the Master class for instructors for $250 now and complete the student teaching at a later time for just $250!

In Reiki III, we will review levels I and II, go further into the study of energy and learn the master symbol.

Please call 571-225-1496 for details.

Cost: $500

$250- If you are certified in level III by another instructor   

Free - Anyone who Is a level III graduate with Suzan may attend free of charge (Instructor level is free if you have previously completed instructor level with Suzan)