Why learn Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful addition to your life. You will learn to help yourself in times of illness and pain and you will also be able to facilitate wellness in those around you. When you attend Reiki training, you will receive attunements and Reiki treatments which will benefit you by providing relaxation and may benefit you by reducing pain or illness.

In addition to learning how to perform Reiki on yourself and others, you will learn about energy in our everyday lives.

Energy is all around us. When we understand energy and the way it works, we can change our lives and not only create health, but create positive outcomes to almost any situation.

Reiki training is great for caretakers/family members of people with cancer or other chronic illnesses or chronic pain. With the skills of a Reiki practitioner, caregivers can help the patients relax and in turn, may reduce pain. Reducing stress and facilitating relaxation helps the body to rest and heal.

After attending a Reiki training session, you may attend again and enjoy the attunements and peace of the class at any time. There is no charge for attending the sessions again.

Our Reiki classes combine the traditional Western history and practice of Reiki with the most up-to-date research of Reiki and Reiki methods done by Frank Arjava Petter and William Rand. While the Western tradition is an oral one and often doesn't include written material, we provide manuals and information that the students can take home.

In fact, Dr. Usui who was the originator of Reiki in Japan, passed along written material to his students and portions of those materials can be seen in publications by Frank Arjava Petter.

Reiki I

Includes the basic principles and history of Reiki, first level attunements and practice using the Reiki hand positions. A Reiki I practitioner will be able to facilitate physical healing.

Class Time: 6 hours - $150


Time: 10am-4:30pm

Location: Call 571-225-1496 for information

Reiki II

Includes the second level attunements, second level Reiki symbols for physical and emotional healing and for performing distance Reiki and practice performing Reiki and using the second level symbols. Reiki II should be taken no sooner than twenty-one days after Reiki I.

A Reiki II practitioner will be able to facilitate both physical and emotional healing and will be able to send remote Reiki.
Class Time: 6 hours - $250


Time: 10am-4:30pm

Location: Call 571-225-1496 for information

Reiki Master/Instructor's Class

After becoming a Reiki Master, you can instruct and certify new Reiki practitioners.

Includes the Master attunement, Master symbols and their meanings and use and practice using the Master symbols to attune Reiki practitioners. This course is usually taken approximately one year after becoming a Reiki practitioner. A Reiki Master will be able to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

In addition to attending the classroom portion, learning the Master symbol and practicing performing attunements, Master-level students are expected to have a thorough understanding of energy and of Reiki. In addition, Master level candidates must co-facilitate 1st and 2nd level Reiki classes and perform attunements on students before receiving the Master level certification.

Class Time: 8 hours - $499

Date: Call to schedule

Time: 10am-4:30pm

Groups of 4 or more may schedule private sessions with a 10% discount.


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