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Suzan Iscil is one of the most pivotal and influential Energy/Light Workers and people in My Life! Over the past decade I’ve gone to her, seeking her help thru a wide variety of issues from health, to assisting my evolution on my personal/spiritual..... path.

She treats me like a most lovingly devoted caring Mother, coaxing me to new levels of expansion. She is persistent in encouraging me to get out there, to share my gifts and blessings in this world that are so very much needed. She is always motivating me to be my best, and cares for Life and Loving Compassionate Peace in this World so very deeply.

Creating Peace in every way in this world is her passion. A healed person is a peaceful person and she is dedicated to contribute to making a tremendous ripple effect to spread Peace Love and Oneness on this planet in more ways than one. She has worked hard at making sure I know I Am good enough just the way I am and that I’m unique and special with a lot to offer, which is the extra fuel I have needed to build my confidence to serve my purpose in very profound ways. She always sees the best in me. She is loving, soothing, and nurtures me, heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. She is amazing with the sheer amount of knowledge she shares as well as the truly limitless tools in her energetic tool box to help in each Now moment for any and every situation.

 Every session is different and always just what I need. I call her my Reiki Lady when I speak of her, because to me she is the ultimate energy worker and I will always go to her, as I get assistance from her that I find only she can help me with. She is so diverse, doing so much more than Reiki alone.

Her positive hypnotherapy has helped me on All levels especially mentally and emotionally, to clear out old beliefs, past traumas....and things I’ve picked up from other’s thoughts and expectations of me, that are not even mine, that no longer serve my highest good. She has helped to free me more and more each time, patiently going through layer after layer..... I have literally transformed my life in such a tremendous way with her assistance and I feel everyone I help/assist/bless..... owes her a debt of gratitude for freeing me and helping me anchor my higher self and live to/at/in my  highest potential to the degree I am at as I progress, but I will thank her for them. Lol!

She is a healer to the healers. She will hold your hand and walk with you in your darkest times, free from judgment and criticism, which is crucial in helping you make it through much quicker. I know I am forever grateful for her style because other approaches, at least for me, can deter, hinder and prolong progress and I certainly don’t want that. I want to move as quickly, easily, comfortably and gracefully as possible through this life and she has a knack for assisting with exactly that. She easily uplifts me to my next level and has done so, over and over and over again. We are All truly blessed by her presence here and her awesome dedicated devotion to making this world a Peaceful Loving Light and Joy filled World.