Chakra Meditation and Oneness Blessing 

319 Edwin Drive Suite 101, Virginia Beach 

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The 3rd Tuesday of Every Month at 7pm

Receive the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) after the Powerful Ananda Mandala Meditation

A Deep Chakra Kundalini Meditation

What is Oneness?

Oneness is a world changing phenomenon that is helping people of all faiths and paths move into higher states of consciousness.

Over a hundred million people across the planet are experiencing this Divine Phenomenon known as Deeksha which starts a profound process of spiritual awakening in a person.

According to Arjuna Ardagh, author of Awakening Into Oneness, “Deeksha is a powerful transmission of energy, which rapidly accelerates the evolution of consciousness. Deeksha can be given by the Deeksha-giver placing their hands on the head of the receiver. It can also be given to a whole room of people at the same time, through intention, and it can also be given through the eyes.” 

The oneness blessing was created by Sri Bhagavan - Oneness University, India. 

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